This is such an important blog that I want to reach as many collectors as possible and hopefully this will help someone. I see it time and time again and I am extremely saddened that our passion of collecting is going in this direction.

I implore all of you to never get distracted with the newest bobblehead that gets released. There’s a zillion new items that are thrown at us collectors on a daily basis and I’m seeing that people are insecure and need validation from others. I’ve seen WAY to often that collectors are buying the “newest” bobble out there when they don’t even like the team, player or even sport! Don’t use the excuse that you have to buy the newest bobblehead to get validation from others. Nobody cares what bobblehead you have in your collection. I repeat, NOBODY CARES WHAT BOBBLEHEAD YOU HAVE IN YOUR COLLECTION. After all, isn’t it your collection?

When you buy, make sure to buy for YOU. Never buy a bobble for other peoples opinions. I’m desperately sad that people buy the newest bobble to close emotional gaps, as they feel a sense of togetherness when following the crowd. There is no competition within collections. Nobody has a better collection than the guy down the street. We all have our unique displays of what we like and who has what should never be considered in the game of collecting. 

Please control what you spend and what you collect. This notion falls in perfectly on how you view your “Bobble Behavior”. The feeling of getting “Trapped” into buying what’s brand spanking new is destroying the game and is something you will ultimately regret long term. I implore you to step back and have the self awareness to not seek a positive opinion from someone else when in reality, other’s don’t give a shit what is sitting in your display cabinet.