So what does National Bobblehead Day really mean?

The Bobblehead Hall of Fame created this glorious day for us collector’s and it a genius move. It seems like every day when I check Twitter, I see #nationalhotdogday, #nationalpetyourdogday, #nationalwashyourcarday etc. So why not have a bobblehead day for all of us? It’s a great move and everyone who collects bobbleheads needs to be applauded. This is our day. 

We are the ones standing out in lines at ballparks for hours, we scour the internet for great deals and spend countless hours displaying our bobbleheads in our display cases. This day is to show our passion for something that makes us happy. Bobblehead collecting is like a cult. We are obsessed with our collectibles and you will see many minor league and major league teams in all sports, show their pride by posting a picture of their teams bobblehead. 

Enjoy the day Snipers as you should all be proud you are a bobblehead collector!