We all want to accomplish our goals that we set forth for ourselves. We work hard and get up every day to achieve them. Obstacles definitely pose a threat and get in the fucking way at times. Shit happens and when the dark days occur you cannot give up. There’s no easy path in life. If you were born into wealth or was handed a position because your dad is best buddies with the owner so be it. 90% of us out there don’t have that luxury. We work. We work hard for the things we want. Nothing is ever easy and if someone tells you that then they are an asshole. Nightmares will happen.  It’s a part of life and you have go to learn to overcome them. 

I know people who have come so close to achieving their dreams and in the blink of an eye it goes to shit. Get back up on your fucking feet and keep fighting. It’s hard to get punched in the face and lay on the ground and think, “Fuck it, I’m finished”. It’s extremely difficult. You have to learn to persevere and go after it is what you want. You only have one life to live and it can be over in a flash. You don’t want to be 70 years old and look back and say, “I wish I did that”. DO IT NOW! 

Pete Rose cheated and lied and did some fucked up shit. He’s owned up to it and is still pursuing his dreams to become a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame. He could have laid down and gave up, but no, he’s still in the hunt to get his ass in there for what he’s accomplished as a professional baseball player and I think he will one day. Pete Rose has lived a nightmare for over 25 years and he still hasn’t stopped dreaming as you shouldn’t either.