The quality of your thinking defines the quality of your life. If you constantly think negative and that it takes to long to accomplish your goal you’ll never get to where you want to be. Will there be bumps in the road and will you think of quitting? Sure you will, but never giving up and always thinking positive will pay off. I’ve been down in the dumps before and thought of stopping everything that I’ve put my heart into. There has to be this inner fight within you to push forward. Many people I know have failed time after time. Shit, I have failed so I can say I’ve been there before. Whether it’s in business, school, a relationship or a career, you have to stay positive and be the best in whatever you do. For example, if you’re a car salesman and your having a bad month or a bad year selling, make it a point to adjust and dig deep down and improve your skills. Make sure you’re the best fucking car salesman on the face of the earth. Study up on your craft, observe and learn from others; do what you have to do in order to master your craft but most importantly find that inner strength to remain positive!