We all want to fit in and be very well liked in every facet of this world. Putting in time, energy and commitment to a friendship or with colleagues at work can be difficult. When the respect of others is diminishing you have to realize through awareness that it’s time to get up and fucking leave. Realize who is important in your life and who is not. If your getting isolated and not in the “mix” get up and leave. Find other people that you can surround yourself with that makes you happy. As humans, we all don’t get along and that’s fine. But when your sticking around, trying to fit in and most importantly not getting the respect you deserve, get out. Move the fuck on and go find happiness elsewhere. We only live one life and you have to spend time with people who want you in their life. As soon as you realize that the time has come to walk away from others that don’t respect you, the better your life will become. Make the right decision and give your attention, love and respect to other’s and fuck those people as there’s a reason why they go through a new set of friends ever three years. Don’t be a leach and hang on, get up and find happiness somewhere else.