Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value. 

Money is king. It’s great and when you have it and there’s no better feeling. But, when you create a startup business your goal should NOT be money, money, money! Your mindset should be, “How can I create value?” If you focus on the $ signs, you’ll make a few bucks upfront, but in the long run you will be broke as a joke. Solve a problem for someone. Your success will come in time when you solve peoples problems. For example, why do people collect bobbleheads? Why do they display them? Why? I’ll tell you why. They make people feel good. Someone may be a huge Cavaliers fan and if I can provide value by shipping a Lebron bobble to them, well that person finds a need that gets immediately fulfilled. They feel fucking awesome! Why do people go out and buy a nice new watch? Because it makes them feel good! Why do people go and buy a new shirt? Because they feel good! This applies to being a fan of a team or player and once that bobblehead is in their hands, they feel good! They feel closer to the team or player that they root for. Hence, providing value solves peoples problem. Period. 

I set out on this bobblesniper journey to help people first, and success and money comes along afterwards. When starting out, I cannot emphasize enough to provide value and solve a problem first, as success WILL come down the road.