Instead of following and subduing yourself to negative people, standing alone and concentrating on “You” is your best option. How many times do you follow the crowd and stick with the group you’re in? Does that particular crowd benefit you? Are they positive? Do they take you away from your goals? If the answer is yes to any of these, it’s time to go about your business alone. You’re better off in the long run. Is it sometimes hard to leave the crowd that you’ve been accustomed to for years and years? Yes. Will you be better off without them to focus on “You”? YES! 

Don’t be a sitting duck around the crew you hang with just to fit in. It’s time to make a change. For the better. You don’t need those colleagues or friends that hurt your chances to achieve your goals. Let them drink their beer and talk shit about you after you leave. Fuck them. You don’t need them and you’ll see over time that you’ve made the right decision.