There are two types of pain in life. The pain of discipline and the pain of regret. 

Which one will you take to the grave? Will you be miserable and sad that you never went after your dreams and goals? Or, will you embrace the pain of discipline and the hustle of every day life? I personally made the decision to work my ass off to better myself. I have given up the nights at the bars while all my bro’s are getting shit faced. Does it make me a better person? No, but I know what I want. I’d love to relax when my family has left the house on holidays and kick back with a cold beer. I chose instead to go to work. List bobbles on Ebay, write blogs and provide content to my audience etc. It’s more important to me and it will pay off. I don’t want to get old and say that I regret not doing this and that. Which one will you choose? 

Become strong and deal with the discipline to better you and your close ones.