There’s people who each and everyone of us will come across in our paths every single day. It doesn’t matter if you’re at work, standing in line at a Chipotle or speaking with a rep on a phone call. Make it a point to be nice to that person. You have no idea what that person has gone through the night before or what they are currently dealing with internally. Smile, open a door or wave to a person. It’s what makes this world a better place to live. I’ve sure had my days when I was younger being a dick to someone or making fun of people, but as time passes by, what’s the point? Reverse the rolls and see what it’s like having a bad day or you’re going through a tough time and someone extends a “Hello” or asks “Can I help you with that?” It may not change your mood or demeanor, but it sure as fuck won’t make it any worse. I’m not preaching to behave this way, all I’m saying is make the people you encounter on a daily basis feel like somebody.