Trust is like a piece of paper, once crumpled it will never be perfect again.

Trust is a very hard thing to believe in with certain people. I don’t care if you’ve been friends with your buddy since Kindergarten, if you can’t trust him or her then you don’t have a friend. I’ve been in several situations in which a few people have either lied to me or I knew I couldn’t trust them. It’s a shitty feeling and I’m not saying to cut them out of your life but be very cognizant of who they really are. I’m still friends with people who I don’t trust as it will never be the same ever again. I won’t depend on them for anything because I cannot trust them. I will continue to whack crafty’s with them and with a game, but when push comes to shove I will NEVER trust again. Once you lose my trust, it will never be perfect again. Trust is a valuable character trait and not everyone has it. For example, I’ve done a shit ton of bobblehead deals off of Ebay with other people and I always deliver. Yes, I have been burned a few times in which the other person did not ship me a bobble in a trade and I will never work with them again. It’s not my loss, it’s theirs. You know why? It’s because I know they will come back one day because I have something they want, then I tell them to fuck off. The bottom line is, if the trust you have with others is destroyed, it will NEVER be the same EVER again.