Don’t play me, play the lotto. You have a better chance of winning.

Have the awareness when others try to discourage you or try to steal an idea from you to laugh inside and walk away. So many people in society are jealous of other’s and their main goal is to disturb your happiness and utlimalety your goals. Fuck those people and focus on yourself. Many shit heads in society are leaches who will try and “play” you in stealing your ideas or motivation. Have the awareness and intelligence to know what they are trying to do. Be smarter than them. Out smart them. Do not let those fuck sticks get in your head and make you feel inferior. They are the ones who are moving backwards in life and allow yourself to move forward. You’re better off realizing who these certain individuals are and what they are trying to do to you in order to pass you on the success train. When that time comes, tell them to hit the road, go to the nearest convince store and buy a lotto ticket. You’re not going to be played. Ever.