Never forget who ignored you when you needed them and who helped you before you could even ask. 

Never ever forget that one person or persons in which you needed help and they completely looked the other way.  I’ve had many, many close friends who I thought I could trust and they turned their back on me when I needed them the most. As a result, they are no longer in my life. I refuse to associate with them as they mean nothing to me any longer. I would assume they would do the same thing to another person in which it won’t happen to me any longer. On the other hand, cherish and NEVER forget that person who has helped you without you saying a word. A close, close friend with recognize when you need them and they will step right in. That’s when you know you have a real good friend who cares about you. Never let go of that person and you can actually learn from them. Be the person they are and help other’s in need of help without them even asking. It goes a long way in life and these people are hard to come by. Like I said in earlier blogs, this world can be evil and people who help others are a dime a dozen. The world we live in this type of behavior doesn’t happen often. When it happens to you where someone helps you never forget them and make sure you are there for them.