Complaining is a zero return investment. 

Let’s cut to the chase right now. Whether you own a business or you’re pushing a product in order to make sales you have to stop complaining. No one wants to hear if you have a headache. No one wants to know you lost your job. No one wants to hear you sprained your ankle. Does all that shit suck? Yes, but no one cares. Well maybe your mom does but that’s about it. Especially if you have your own business as bitching and moaning brings ZERO return investment. Have you read a blog on this site or on my Twitter or Instagram accounts about me bitching? No. It does nothing for me as a return. You guys don’t want to hear it and likewise, as I don’t want to hear your problems. Like I said, NO ONE CARES. Complaining is for the losers who Facebook their problems rather than FACING their problems as nothing worth noting comes out of it. 

Bring some energy and positivity to the world instead of complaining about shit that no one cares about. Period.