This may piss you off: You are where you deserve to be in life. 

Some of you Snipers are not going to like this blog. Some will hate it, but it’s the truth. We are all born differently, with different upbringings, experiences and privileges. Some people are born with great genetics, rich families and have everything in the world. Not me. I’m a regular dude just like you are. I am no different than anyone else reading this. Some people have nothing. We cannot choose where we come from. The only choice we have is how we are going to live our life. That fat person can easily become ripped. The poor man can easily become wealthy. When I say easily, I mean it is possible with the right mindset. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Self pity is for losers an no one truly cares what you are feeling, especially if you are not successful. Take control of your life and realize you are where you are because of YOU. You have the power to CHANGE your life story RIGHT NOW. Become the legend you were always supposed to be.