There’s a lot of people that are not realizing something that is currently going on right now. We are existing in a world where there are millions of opportunities to make money and become successful with the touch of a button.

We are living in a world that you can literally sit butt ass naked in your bed and do something productive!  When you’re taking a shit, no matter where you are! 20 years ago we never had tablets and Smartphones. Things are much easier by using these utensils that they expose us to UNREAL FUCKING THINGS! I was on a train last weekend on my way to MSG to watch the Rangers game and I wrote a full blog just by riding the train. You can pay bills, transfer money, buy a set of dishes, ANYTHING! More importantly, you can connect to your audience and business partners by holding the device in your hand. 

Please, utilize the tremendous amounts of technology we have as we are living in the greatest era! No matter what age you are, if you haven’t jumped on the technology wagon then you’re fucking stubborn in your own ways! 2017, right now and I mean right now, you have these platforms to do great things! 

This year is the greatest year in the history of mankind! Don’t waste an opportunity and REALIZE THAT!