I’ve felt this way for a long time now. I’m sure all of you have encountered people who talk all this shit and think they walk on water when they’ve done absolutely nothing. Take Matt Harvey for example. In his first two years he was the man. The KING of New York. But, what did he accomplish? Starting the All-Star game at Citi Field? Coming out for the 9th inning when he pitched that great game? He was awesome, but he’s gotta prove it longer. He was and still is making the league minimum at $550,00k. He got cocky. He show boated. People started hating him. He ran his mouth when he shouldn’t have. Then injury upon injury occurred. Now he goes silent like he’s hiding out avoiding people. 

Lesson to be learned here Snipers. You gotta make it first then you can talk your shit. Just think about that co-worker who runs his or her mouth and has done nothing positive for the company in 8 years. That person is not entitled to talk shit. When you “MAKE” it, then you can run your mouth if desired.