When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new. -Dalai Lama

These days there are way to many “know it all’s”. I’ve learned over the years to shut my mouth and listen. Listening is a key ingredient in improving yourself. I sit in meetings all the time and I all I hear are the same attention seeking people talk and talk and talk. That’s what they’re good at. They love hearing themselves and typically they are very loud and annoying.  Next time you’re out in public or in a meeting, sit back and listen. Listen to what other’s say and analyze how they are thinking. You can ALWAYS learn and better yourself by listening to various people. Although, if that same annoying person is talking the entire time then try to focus on something more productive and block them out. They are annoying for a reason and you do not need to be a part of that. Then they wonder why they are hated by so many others. The key is to learn something new and improve yourself in whatever it is you do. Lastly, listening to successful people especially in your field is a gift, as you can learn endless amounts of information for becoming successful.