Why Mets fans shouldn’t be worried about the pitching staff. 

Okay, we all know Harvey has huge question marks regarding the zillion surgery’s he’s had and the fact that he’s a blowhard doesn’t help either. If the Dark Night can stay above 92 mph on his fastball, remain injury free and keep a somewhat of a low profile and not get distracted with off the field issues, I say the Mets franchise should be ecstatic. 

Steven Matz is not looking good. The discomfort in the elbow is never a good thing. Even if they shut him down for 3 weeks, I have a feeling once he starts throwing full bullpens, that discomfort will come back. Have the surgery and get over with Stevie. 

The number one reason Mets fans should not worry is because they have two #1 studs on the frontline. Thor and DeGrom will almost certainly contend for 20 wins each, if healthy. They can be a number one starter on any team in the league and when you have 2 studs like these two, any fan should be worry free. Look at the Yankees starting 5. I can’t name anyone who is somewhat legit after Tanaka. 

Finally, you will get at least 120 innings from Wheeler and that’s an added plus. From what Harvey looks like so far in Spring Training, the sky is the limit. All signs point upward for this pitching staff and as far as bullpen and the offense is concerned, you’re on your own with that assessment. Any Major League team would get on their knees for this young staff, so Mets fans,  be happy and more importantly, be confident. Your squad will go DEEP into the playoffs.