Mecole Hardman has to be one of the most confident NFL players of all time. We all saw his top of the line pre-game outfits last year that FOCO turned into bobbleheads. That list included a Top Gun, Fresh Prince of Belair and LL Cool J “Momma said Knock you out”. 

Week one of this year’s NFL season, Hardman kept up his trend of hilarious outfits. He strolled in wearing head to toe pajamas, bunny rabbit slippers and holding an ever so cuddly teddy bear. 

To go along with the 3 other Hardman pre-game outfit bobbleheads, FOCO added one more to the set. Hardman is standing on his bed which has a football laced bed sheet with his cozy bunny rabbit slippers on. The gray pajama pants fit well with the over sized bathrobe. And last but not least, Hardman is holding his fluffy teddy as he’s thinking, “Don’t sleep on us Chiefs this year”. 

To complete this super collectible set, click the link below and use code Sniper10 at checkout to save some money. This is currently on pre-sale and holds a price tag of $45.00. FOCO has an expected delivery date of no later than November 30th. 

Cuddle up and watch the Chiefs game with this exclusive Mecole Hardman “Pajama” bobblehead!

Mecole Hardman Kansas City Chiefs Teddy Bear Pregame Bobblehead