Is Lamelo Ball the new rising star to take over the NBA for the soon to be future? Many say yes given his personality, energy and dynamic skills on the hardwood. As a rookie, he’s currently averaging 15.7 points per game, 5.9 boards and 6.2 assists per contest. Oh by the way, he’s only 19 years old and our friends at FOCO have taken notice. 

Today, FOCO has unveiled a new NBA City Jersey line of bobbleheads and Lamelo is the first one on deck for us collectors. Lamelo is in an action pose ready to make a game changing play along with his flashy multi-colored sneakers. The hornet on the back of the base shows any Charlotte fan who the boss is on the team. 

This item is currently a pre-order collectible which holds a price tag of $50.00 with an expected delivery date of no later than June of 2021. Click link below as these should fly as only #221 pieces will be manufactured.