Who takes the cake in Bobble world and in life? Heidi Watney, Jenny Dell or Lindsay Czarniak?

The Lowell Spinners (Minor League affiliate of the Red Sox) honored Heidi Watney on August 1st, 2010 with her own personalized Bobblehead. The first 1,000 in the gate received one.

Heidi Watney was first on the scene as she worked for NESN who covered the Red Sox from 2008-2011. She was awesome. Everyone including myself tuned in to see her. How can you not? The newscasters tenure didn’t last long as a whirldwind of drama started. Apparently, Jason Varitek split from his wife to pursue Watney. Months after that, Tek bum rushed Nick Green (Red Sox SS) prior to a game and they have a huge fucking brawl in the clubhouse.

BOSTON (AP) — People call Nick Green “The Doubles Machine,” but the Red Sox shortstop has gone much further than second base with Heidi Watney.

The blonde sideline reporter was apparently the cause of a wild brawl between Green and Jason Varitek prior to Sunday’s game in Baltimore. Varitek rushed Green, who recently started dating Watney while she was in a sexual relationship with the Red Sox captain.

Varitek reportedly started yelling at Green before ramming him into Manny Delcarmen’s locker. The two grappled back-and-forth for a few minutes before Sox utility hero Nick Green by dgaproductions.teammates stepped in and broke up the brawl. Varitek suffered bruises while Green left with a black eye and several bruises on his face and chest. Green was unavailable for Sunday’s game because of the injury, the Boston Herald reported, but Varitek started behind the plate, going 1-for-5 with an RBI in the 9-3 victory.

Witnesses say the fight was all because of Watney. Sources say Watney dumped Varitek recently, more than a year after Varitek left his wife for Watney and months after he announced he and Watney’s relationship to the press. Watney, sources say, is now banging Green. The Boston Herald caught the pair making out at Maggino’s, a Boston restaurant, while hanging with Jacoby Ellsbury andNESN's Heidi Watney by sdowen. his girl, Kelsey Hawkins, last week.

Further reports say that Green actually started his courtship of Watney at a charity event hosted by Varitek and teammate Tim Wakefield.

“Tek was furious. He had strong feelings for Heidi,” said one Red Sox teammate who did not want to be named. “Greeney though, you gotta be careful of that guy, he’ll step in and steal your girl in two seconds.”

Red Sox manager Terry Francona declined comment on the situation. “That’s a personal issue between Tek and Nick. I’ll leave it at that,” Francona said of the brawl, that happened during the time the clubhouse was not accessible to the media before the game. 

Safe to say, Heidi Watney moved on from that scene and started new endeavors. Boys will be boys fighting over the same broad. Can you blame them?


Next, comes in Jenny Dell. She took over Watney’s position in early 2001 as a sideline reporter for NESN. As you can see, she’s a certified smokebomb.

In 2013, yet again, the Lowell Spinners did a bobblehead giveaway of Jenny.

Soon to find out in 2012, she was kicked to the curb by upper management. Sources say, her and then 3rd baseman, Will Middlebrooks had been fucking for over a year and kept it hush hush. Rumors swirled that the organization was fed up, as Dell was in contact with FOX Sports 1 but we all know that’s not true. That year, Middlebrooks was hitting a measly .230 and Dell was the main culprit. When your’e trying to play 3rd base in Fenway Park with 25,000 screaming fans and all you can do is look over to the sidelines and wonder what color thong your side piece is wearing, there’s a problem. Management had a problem with it and so did I. As soon as Dell got her pink slip, Middlebrooks abruptly got traded to the Padres. hmmm……Soon after, Dell’s Twitter’s feed was blowing up like propane tank with pictures of her and Middlebrooks.

On a side note, don’t organizations have rules that players can’t fuck reporters employed by the team? I know it’s true in the NFL that players can’t been seen with cheerleaders but how does this work in MLB?

Anyhow, they got engaged and now are married. Great job Will. You could have had a hell of a career in Boston but I can’t blame you on this one. 9/10 bro’s would have done the same thing you did.

Lastly, we have Lindsay Czarniak. As you can see, she’s definitely in the same stratosphere as Dell and Watney.

Lindsay started off her career as an anchor on NBC4 in D.C. Soon after she travelled around working as a newscaster for the Olympics in Beiijing in 2008 and covered the Winter Olympics in Italy. She finally broke into ESPN as a guest on The Tony Kornheiser show and then her career catapulted like a boner from there. Soon she became a news anchor for ESPN and we all see her on SportsCenter.

On July 22nd, 2008, Lindsay was honored at the Reading Phillies vs Bowie Baysox game and threw out the first pitch. In addition, each fan received a Linsday Czarniak Bobblehead. The bobble itself is atrocious.  It doesn’t look like her at all. I don’t even know why I have one. You be the judge.

In the showdown of these 3 smokebombs, there’s multiple factors that play in here. Watney caused a lot of disturbance in the Sox locker room, Dell put a pussy spell on our former 3rd baseman so that leaves Czarniak the angel here?


Take emotions and personalities out of it heres my list.

Best Bobble….

  1. Dell
  2. Watney
  3. Czarniak

Stranded on a deserted island with….

  1. Czarniak
  2. Dell
  3. Watney


Main reason Lindsay is #1 is because there’s a chance Dell and Watney leave me for some pirate and I’d be stuck doing…