What I’ve learned about people who wait in line for a giveaway.

One word dedication. That’s all there is to say. While in line for several hours waiting for the Harvey Gnome, I realized that there is waayyyyyyyyy more people that are collector’s than I realized. The bobblehead craze is nuts, I know that. Apparently the gnome game is insane as well. 

Hearing multiple conversations amongst people was an eye opener. This passion of collecting bobbleheads and I guess we can say gnomes now, will never die out. I witnessed diehard fans and collectors sitting on the wet ground waiting. I saw elderly people with 4 years left in the tank waiting in line. I saw husbands and wives pushing strollers with fucking infants just born a month ago waiting in line. I saw homeless people with a ticket in thier hand with not a pot to piss in waiting in line. I saw lesbians, and two gay guys kissing waiting in line. I saw a few dudes in wheel chairs with no teeth waiting in line. You name it they were there. 

And you know what. That made my day. It made me so fucking pumped to see the dedication from all different types of people that it gave me the chills. They weren’t solely there to watch the Mets game. They were there for the Harvey giveaway. They could have gone the night before or the next night, but they came to this one.

No matter where you are for the next giveaway you go to, observe the crowd while you’re in line. Check the vibe and listen to the conversations people are having. It’s enlightening. And keep one thing in mind. There are so many more people who collect these things than you or I could ever imagine which is AMAZING!


You think this guy gives a fuck about sitting on the wet ground waiting for the gates to open? The struggle is real…

Blue jersey with gray hoodie is on a mission!

The diehards who wanna be first in line…

The line gets longer and filled with anticipation!

Heavy metal dude will put down the drumsticks to get his hands on the giveaway. = DEDICATION

You think this guy wants to be first in line at Shake Shack? Think again! He wants his giveaway!

Wearing dark sunglasses when it’s raining out is a BOSS move. I could tell he was getting irritable while waiting in line…

Finally the flood gates open and ready for the famous “pat down” which takes even more time.