At first thought you’re probably thinking how to Snipe bobbles from other Snipers. That’s not the case here. This is a learn blog. Let me explain. 

When you’re at a game you know I stress sniping prior to the game starting. Once that first pitch is thrown 90% of fans are in their seats ready to watch the game. This is why you get there early to snipe when people are walking around, getting food and bullshitting. Now, there are moments where there’s down time and this is where I want you to capitalize. If you’re new to sniping which I know a lot of you are, this is critical. Do yourself a favor and observe other Snipers. You know who they are. They are the guys looking shady eyeing everyone who walks by. These are the guys with multiple bags. Many of them stand like statues like a drug deal is about to go down. I want you to observe them. Watch their moves. Look how they approach fans. Pay attention to who they go up to. Look at their faces when they get rejected by a fan who wants to keep their bobblehead. Look at their body language. See if their confidence gets shattered when turned down. Observe what they do poorly and what they do correctly. Look at the type of bags they carry. See if they keep a watchful eye out for security guards. See if they run to the bathroom to organize their bobbles when they snipe a bunch. 

You can learn a lot from other Snipers. You may run into certain Snipers who clean up and can learn a thing or two from them. You can also observe a mistake they make and not make the same one. I often find myself eyeing many Snipers and some are good and some should have just stayed home. I remember one guy standing at a game looking so shady people were literally scared of him.  His approach and whole body language was totally off and I guarantee the best outcome for him was a bag of peanuts from the game. 

If you’ve been attending games this season and have not been doing well, I implore you to observe other Snipers. There’s plenty of bobbles to go around at these games and you can gather some very valuable tactics to use and what not to use. The learning process of Bobble Sniping is skill that can always improve no matter what game you attend.