The majority of us buy bobbleheads on Ebay and cheer each other on when we “Snipe” for a great price. Whether you’re buying to add it to your collection, giving it to a friend or flipping it to make profit, we all have our reasons. But is it fucked up to buy “low” on Ebay, receive the bobble, then list it on Ebay for double what you paid for?

The reason I propose this question is because I received a message through Ebay last week and a seller was angry that I bought a bobble from him and then went and listed it back on Ebay. I stand here alone saying that I’m not the only one who does this and I’ll stand firm saying THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH IT. If you list an item on Ebay and don’t know the value then it’s your loss. It’s the same thing going to a tag or garage sale. Would a garage sale owner get pissed if I bought a board game for $5.00 and then flipped that shit on Ebay for $15.00? Who fucking cares. It’s the sellers fault they don’t know the market and it’s your gain. I actually do this all the time on Ebay. My knowledge of the market on Ebay is strong enough to know that I can buy low and sell high. 

You should never feel guilty about buying low and flipping a bobble on Ebay for a higher price. NEVER. It’s the sellers lack of knowledge and your benefit. If that seller refuses to put in the leg work for an accurate price then they deserve to lose. I actually encourage this practice because I want you all to win and profit within the bobble game. There’s nothing wrong with it and don’t ever think otherwise.