I want to start this blog by stating this….You’d be surprised how many people are not on Social Media. I’m not even kidding. I continue to receive enormous amounts of questions on “How do I get this certain bobblehead” or “What’s the best way to downsize my collection”? and “Where did you find this bobble?” Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. I’ll say it again, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. All four apps are free and signing up is stupid easy. We live in a world where we have the ability to obtain any bobblehead out there, trade for any bobble and sell any bobble without even speaking to the person. These platforms never existed 20 years ago so why wouldn’t you use them? It’s basically a free service to get what you want and all it requires is effort. 

A Sniper asked me to help him downsize his collection of unwanted bobbleheads. I said are you on Facebook or Instagram? He said no. I said what are you fucking waiting for!  It’s a whole hell of a lot better than posting your shit on Ebay and getting raped on fees. Now, there’s work that you have to put in. You have to join Facebook bobblehead groups and you have to post and DM other collector’s on Instagram. Once you build a reputation, you basically can do what you want. I see it all the time when someone asks me how to start a social media platform. I break it down for them, they post for a good month and they stop when they don’t see results. You cannot expect gaining followers and a reputation happens over night. It takes years and it just comes down to how bad you want it. The ones who quit after a short period of time never wanted it to begin with. 

Communicate through these 4 popular social platforms and watch what happens. Next, you’ll be trading and selling like you never thought you would. It baffles me how many people approach me asking specific questions when they can find the answers on their own when they aren’t even on these platforms.

These superior apps are spoon feeding us opportunities and by not utilizing them is a huge mistake within the bobblehead world. Trust me, you will lose out on opportunities. You will pay more for a bobble because you didn’t jump on that quick opportunity. Don’t say I never warned you. And lastly, don’t bring age into this discussion as it doesn’t matter if you’re 11 or 79. Get off your ass, get on these platforms and reek the benefits.