I’ve said it for years. I would rather no players from my team that I root for (Boston Red Sox) not make the All-Star team.

The MLB season is a fucking grind. Players traveling, playing, getting hurt, living out of a suitcase, and flat out exhausted after 162 games. Even mid-way through the season they are tired as hell. Now, pitchers are even worse. Someone like Chris Sale who throws 110+ pitches per game needs to rest. He needs to stay home, relax, hang out in the pool, get blown or whatever it is he does. I don’t want any of my players getting hurt in the All-Star game. In addition, pitchers get all jacked up facing the best hitters in the game and tend to over throw. 

Now this won’t happen because the All-Star game is an event for everyone. It’s for the fans if anything. If Sale can throw a quick inning I’d be happy. If Kimbrel doesn’t get in the game I’d be happy. None the less, it is an honor to make the All-Star team but I’d rather have my troops rest up at home and get ready for the second half.