Icon Heroes has no problem whatsoever keeping their customers engaged when manufacturing new products. Along with action figures, pins, bobbleheads, pen holders and a myriad of other products they sell on their website, they have become one of the leading manufactures in pop culture collectibles. They have just released a pair of G.I. Joe bobbleheads that will surely create shockwaves within the collectible community.

Based on the G.I. Joe Origins movie (2021) Icon Heroes has unveiled a Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes bobblehead.  Both bobbleheads are armed with swords in both hands and stand atop a diorama base ready to take battle. Each one is a shade under 8″ in height, are hand painted and made of polystone.  Both bobbles connect at the base and display alongside each other. If you’re not familiar with Icon Heroes products, they are manufactured with high grade materials which catches the eye of the everyday collector.

Each bobble holds a price tag of $35.00 and has an expected delivery date of August of 2023.  These pre-order items are officially licensed and trademarked by Hasbro. Click link below to pre-order yours today!

G.I. Joe Bobbleheads