How to save $$$ when a new SGA bobblehead comes out. 

We all know we can’t attend every single game to score a new SGA. Unless you know someone who’s going or you’re trading with some other collector, prices can get up there. So what’s the easiest solution? Ebay of course. But do you ever wonder when hitting up Ebay that the price of a brand new SGA is super expensive? Prices are always high right off the bat for a new bobble, but let me inform you on something as this is a VERY SIMPLE CONCEPT. 

Those of you who have been with me since day one knows that I preach patience. Patience, patience, patience. Brand new SGA’s ALWAYS decrease over time. It may take a few weeks or even a year but the price will eventually drop. If there are only a limited amount being given out, you may disregard my advice and go ahead and pay a steep fee for it. But if there’s 10k to 20k made, then wait. Bobbleheads aren’t going anywhere. They will always be available and for the giveaways that hand out a lot, the price will drop. 

Take a look at the Syndergaard Marvel “Thor” bobblehead last year the Mets handed out. They started at $120.00 and even went up to $175.00 in price. Do yourself a favor and go on Ebay after reading this and you’ll scoop one up for $75.00. Price are inflated because it’s a “brand new” hot off the pallet from China. Now, if you’re impatient and have the money, then fuck it and buy it. But if you follow the rule of being patient, you’ll save your wallet a lot of damage. Just imagine if you save anywhere between $10.00 to $20.00 per bobblehead if you wait and multiple that by 15 bobbles, you’ll save over $220.00 per season. 

Just be patient.