Over the past few years I’ve gotten a ton of questions asking how to start a bobblehead collecting if in High School or college. Many of us our grown adults who have jobs can afford bobbleheads but a lot of you young Snipers are still young bucks who don’t have the scratch to buy bobbleheads. And that’s okay. 

Being in High School or college you have so MANY opportunities that you don’t even realize. The biggest advantage you have is you are not in school in the summertime. Sniping bobbleheads at games where most are given out happen during the summer months. I would hope you guys have summer jobs and that you are not working at night. Gather your buddies, and score some cheap tickets for $6.00 to a Minor League game. If you’re into the passion of collecting, I highly doubt your boys are invested as much as you. Offer to buy them a ticket, by them a hot dog or beer if 21 and hopefully you can obtain 3-4 right there. If your buddies are dicks and won’t give one up for you, then you gotta Snipe. Bring a bunch of small bills and go Sniping. I won’t get into Sniping as you should have already read my Blueprint for bobble sniping. Also, if your buddies don’t wanna burn a Tuesday night at a Minor League game, this is where family comes in. Cut your neighbors fucking grass for $20.00 and buy a few tickets. Bring your pops, mom or siblings. Your parents won’t want their bobblehead and if your little sister is being a stinker, let her have it and take it out of her room the following morning. 

Being in High School or college your swag and confidence are at an all time high. You have no responsibilities and nothing to lose. Literally nothing to lose! You have your whole life ahead of you. If someone turns you down at a game while trying to Snipe, move the fuck on and go to someone else. Minor League games are your best bet as opposed to MLB games because tickets and parking are much more expensive. If you can go to a bunch of Minor League games and snipe a bunch now you have the leverage to either sell or trade for other bobbles you want. And that’s how you grow your collection. 

In conclusion, once you establish a bunch of Minor League bobbles your collection will grow and grow. It takes time but you have your young age working with you and not against you. Your a young buck and have the rest of your life to develop a killer collection. 

On a side note, if you are enrolled at a University, check and see if they have any bobble games and go to those. The last thing college students want is a bobblehead. Gather your boys on your dorm room floor and go to the game and grab theirs. College games that give away bobbles are hard to find because they mostly give them to students so the general public suffers. You can make some serious bank if you Snipe a ton. Lastly, stay in touch with your High School bro’s who attend other University’s and check if they are giving away any bobbles. If they are, beg your friends to bring a bunch of guys to the game and have them Snipe for you.