As we slowly approach the month of October and playoff baseball creeping up, I want you to think and also let me know how your overall bobblehead season has gone. The reduction of SGA’s were practically gone in 2020 as Covid took over and last year’s bobbles were given out this year. Did you have the opportunity to obtain all the ones you wanted? Did you attend a lot of games? For myself, I personally only went to 2-3 games this year as having 2 young Snipers takes up a ton of time. For the new Snipers, one day you’ll find out the difficulty around summer camps, sports events and hectic schedules that it’s not as easy to attend a bunch of games. 

If you’re a strict retail collector, are you satisfied with the ones that were produced or were you expecting something different? We all know the massive delays that is happening with the ports being absolutely backed up as many retail and for that matter, SGA bobbles were delayed. Within the foreseeable future, we can expect more and more delays over at customs as there hasn’t been a clear resolution other than paying triple to move a port up so items can reach their expected delivery date. 

As a collector of pretty much any player, team and mascot bobble, this year was a sigh of relief as we all got screwed last year. I want to hear about your experiences this year in all markets and how you feel the bobble season went. It’s clearly not over, but we all can agree it’s starting to wind down.