I could care less what others say about WWE wrestling is fake or not. These are well trained athletes that provide a piss ton of entertainment to fans all over the world. The WWE has been around it seems like forever now and there’s been a few low budget crappy bobbleheads produced until FOCO stepped in and changed that. A total of 16 bobbleheads are featured on FOCO’s website and it’s only growing. FOCO last year put some feelers out with John Cena and the Rock and sales were apparently strong as the selection of wrestlers has only increased. Each wrestler has a different pose and saying on the side of the base. A fat WWE logo sits flush on each bobble to make it that more legit. I just recently got in this Macho Man Randy Savage and Ultimate Warrior and the words very impressed is a severe understatement.

The definition within the leg and arm muscles are spot on and the bright colors practically everywhere on the bobblehead is ridiculously eye-catching. These wrestlers are proven icons within the WWE and we are fortunate to add these highly collectible bobbleheads to our collections. But wait, there’s more. FOCO just got the licensing for another 2 historic WWE wrestlers in Hulk Hogan and the Undertaker. These two are currently available for pre-order on FOCO’s website and are sure to sell out to the general public. Fans all over have been waiting for these 2 (Especially Hulk Hogan) and after seeing what FOCO has done with their previous WWE bobbles, expect big things to come. 

Here’s the link to score your WWE bobbleheads and use code Sniper10 to save at checkout.