Not only do Washington Capitals love their star Alex Ovechkin but so does the majority of the league. Ovechkin is considered by many as the greatest goal scorer in NHL history and has a real chance of overtaking Wayne Gretzky in total career goals. He’s famous for his deadly “One Timer” which he typically fires from the left faceoff circle which is an area known as his “office”. I myself would discontinue collecting bobbleheads if I had to defend Ovi’s slapshot, as I’d rather keep my teeth and face in tact for the foreseeable future.

That being said, FOCO did not hesitate creating “Greatness” with 2 exclusive Ovechkin bobbleheads for the gigantic amount of fans Ovi has. The first Ovechkin “Goal Counter” red jersey bobblehead sold out within 24 hours. Yup, 2020 of them gone. A week later to please Ovi fans, FOCO dropped a “Celebration Goal Counter” white jersey bobble that has him with his arms raised as he’s posing after yet another goal scored. Both of these bobbleheads feature an adjustable goal counter ticker on front of base, so you can keep track every time Ovi scores. In addition, FOCO added a Capitol Building backdrop with bold jersey number display and team logo banners to highlight the city of Washington. 

The bottom line here Snipers is FOCO cares about what we add to our collections. They hit the right player or mascot at the right time. The detail is incredible and one that you won’t see on a SGA given out at the ballpark. Are their prices high? Maybe a little but the old saying goes, “You pay for what you get”. This completely applies to the quality product you and I receive. Given the fact that I cannot stress enough to use my Sniper10 code, it will ultimately save you money. 

Lastly, when you see a new bobble on FOCO’s website, do not wait. I repeat, DO NOT WAIT. A lot of people don’t like the pre-order rules, but it does take time for China to manufacture the bobblehead and before you know it, you go to add one to your cart and it’s sold out. Don’t allow this to happen as FOCO’s products speak for themselves.