When shipping a bobblehead, the last thing you want is to have a buyer tell you it arrived damaged. It’s the worse feeling in the world. I trust that all you Snipers package your bobbles very securely but often times the USPS worker throws and kicks the box you sent like a FIFA soccer player. There’s really nothing you can do to control it but unfortunately it happens. 

I recently shipped a bobblehead off of Ebay to a buyer in California. I packaged it super fucking tight and when he showed me the damage to the box I went ape shit. I knew god damn well the postal workers had a soccer game with the box as there was dents and rips all over it. So the next step to do is hold USPS accountable for their laziness. 

Go to USPS.com and click on the option to “File a Claim”. This is sort of a pain in the ass process and they do it on purpose because in the end they lose money which they don’t want. Next, there’s options to post pictures of the damage to both the bobblehead and the box. You need to have the pictures or you won’t get a refund! Describe what you sent, upload pictures of both the box and the damaged bobblehead. Next, you have to show the proof of the payment the buyer sent you. In my situation, the buyer paid through PayPal. I took a screen shot of the payment he sent ($115.00) and I uploaded that too. 

You eventually, click “Submit” and the claim is finished. I got a letter in the mail 4 days later stating that the value USPS determined was $100.00. The buyer paid me $115.00 so I’m assed out of $15.00. Oh well, it’s better than zero. I received a check from the United States Postal Services for $100.00 and end of story. 

Like I said, it really is a pain in the ass process but it’s worth it. Hold those fuckers accountable for treating your box you shipped like a rag doll. Here’s a picture of the letter I was sent after I filed the claim.