On this day (August 22nd) last year, I launched bobblesniper.com. Today marks the one year anniversary and it’s very important to me. When I launched the site, I knew it would take off. I knew collector’s all over the world would come visit the site for anything bobblehead related and I want to make something very clear. 

This is not a celebration for me. It’s a celebration for YOU. This whole thing would not be possible if it wasn’t for all of you. Daily, you guys motivate me to keep posting pics, writing blogs, making Vlogs on Youtube and providing informative content regarding our passion for collecting bobbleheads. No one realizes the back end work that it takes to make the site run smooth and the enormous amounts of time it takes to write blogs and to take the perfect pictures, and I don’t care. I choose to do this for ALL OF YOU. The support you provide me gets my engine running each and every day. 

Lastly, you cannot believe how happy it makes me knowing I helped add to your collection. I’m very humbled when you guys message me saying “Thank You”. It literally brings a smile to my face. I receive a ton of pictures of your collections, and if I helped in any way that satisfies me so much. Again, thank you as this is YOUR celebration, not mine. Get ready and buckle up as there’s MUCH MORE to come!