So when you go to a bobblehead giveaway game, does the guy handing you a bobble at the gate get one for himself? I’ve always wondered that. Think about it. What if he or she is a big fan of the team? What if they collect bobbles as well?

I wonder if upper management holds a box or two for the employees at the ballpark? And what I’m specifically talking about is the security team, the ushers and the 20 year old kids handing them out at the gates, not all of the concession people and bathroom attendants. If every employee that works there got one, then the team would have to save a couple hundred bobbles which is not the case here. 

I also wonder if the employee at the gate that is giving them out to fans would steal one? Maybe put it in their backpack or purse if it’s a female? Maybe some employees ask their supervisor prior to the game if they can have one? I mean after all, aren’t they entitled to receive a bobble considering they work there? I’ve pondered this question for quite sometime as it intrigues me a lot. 

Gun to my head for a definitive answer, I would think the team holds a case or two and they do a raffle at the end of their shift. Who the fuck knows. If any of you Snipers know someone who works at a major stadium please ask them for me. I’m very curious.