I wrote a blog about this months ago and I’d like to revisit it. What do your friends and family members say when they see your collection? I’m more or less talking about if you have a cabinet filled with bobbles not just on your desk in your bedroom. 

What do people think? Are they impressed? Are they in awe? Do they make a snarl comment?

I can remember back to when I first started collecting, my mom and dad came over and they shook their heads. My dad is a huge sports fan and he just thought I was too old for these little things. My bro’s first laughed and soon after, they asked if I had an extra of a certain bobble. 

A few years later, when I started the website and changed the way people view and share their passion for collecting, the snarl comments and giggles turned into “Wow”. The point of this is TO NOT CARE WHAT OTHERS THINK. If it’s what makes you happy then forget all the doubters. Most of us are all grown men, and we can look at others who collect books and recipes that sit there and collect dust. Share your experiences on what others view and say about your collections!