The Miami Hurricanes have a new slogan this year as “The Crib”. The original bobblehead that FOCO produced last year simply read “Hurricanes” when put together with knuckles from both fists. The new edition reads “The Crib” for the double meaning of the slang term for home, like South Florida is for so many UM players, and referencing a term commonly used for scoring a touchdown, “Taking it to the Crib.”

Canes fans all over know this new slogan as they are one of the top defensive teams in the country. The loyal fans of the 305 can now celebrate with their own exclusive bobblehead that was released today.

Sebastian the Ibis is in a swag filled pose standing on top of the base that has the hurricane logo as the “U”. Of course Sebastian is rocking the diamond studded 305 chain and his fists are clenched with both knuckles pointed out that reads “The Crib”. 

This item is currently available for pre-sale and has a price tag of $50.00 with an expected delivery date of no later than December 7th of 2020. Click the link below to pre-order as this will be a quick seller! Make sure to use code sniper10 at checkout to save some money. 

Sebastian Miami Hurricanes Touchdown Rings Bobblehead