The luck of the Irish in the NBA runs through the Boston Celtics. No lucky leprechaun is needed this time around as FOCO has just released their 2nd bobblehead in their new City Jersey collection, and it’s no other than Jayson Tatum.  Any C’s fan knows Tatum is the forefront of the Celtics offense and what better way to celebrate than our friends at FOCO releasing a brand new bobblehead. 

On this exclusive bobblehead, Tatum is in an action pose ready to make a phenomenal play in transition.  He’s standing on a historical parquet floor with a luck shamrock on front of the base just for good luck.

This item is currently for pre-order and has a $50.00 price tag with an expected delivery date of no later than July of 2021. Only #221 of these bobbleheads will be manufactured so click link below to purchase!