Listen, we all know times are tough and given the current state of our country, we all have our ups and downs. One thing for sure is having your dog by your side can turn gloomy days into bright days. FOCO just released 2 superb versions of Max Scherzer and Christian Yelich with their dogs by their side. 

Yelich is sitting on a tree stump, with his Brewers hat and jersey on while his dog “Cooper” is by his side. There’s a miniature bat and baseball on top of base, so they’re ready for batting practice or a game of fetch. In addition, a flashy leather dog collar surrounds the perimeter of the base and reads, “Christian and Cooper Yelich.


Next, a man can never have enough dogs and Max Scherzer paints that picture well. Mad Max is squatting down with his Nats white jersey on petting his trio of dogs Max, Bo, Rocco, and Zou. The grass texture on top of the base signifies how much Max loves playing with his dogs outside as any 3 of his pups are ready to play fetch. 

These are currently available at for $45.00 and are scheduled to ship no later than 10/30. Remember to use code sniper10 when checking out to help save the wallet some money. Here’s the link to purchase.