The “Bomba Squad” label was more than a fun nickname for the 2019 Twins. It represented not just the daily lineup, but a persona for the team. It represents the energy they have as well as the tactics and strategy they used to pummel opponents into submission as underdogs for an entire season.

The powerful Minnesota Twins that are in the “Bomba Squad” lineup are Kepler, Sano, Eddie Rosario, Jorge Polanco and a dual Miguel Sano and Nelson Cruz. Each bobblehead portrays player in a swinging action pose hitting a baseball with a flame accent with a broken bat, ready to hit some bombs out of the park.

This exclusive bobblehead is available for pre-order and has an expected delivery date of no later than January 11th of 2021. The price tag is $50.00 per bobble and the dual is $70.00 in which you can use discount code sniper10 at checkout to save some money. Click link below and add some “Bomba Squad” power to your bobblehead collection!