What a way to spend a few days right in the middle of the summer. Here’s a little recap of the events that went down earlier this week, 

So, I took the bobble wife to Boston because it was a “Special Ticket” giveaway for an exclusive Billy Joel bobblehead. I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not the biggest Billy Joel fan, but I do like some of his songs. He’s great at what he does and I know a lot of collector’s would love to get their mitts on this one. Instead of driving back home at midnight, we looked into getting a hotel for the night. We needed to get away from the kiddos for a bit and this was the perfect opportunity. This time we were selfish. We wanted a hotel AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE to Fenway Park. After extensive research, the closest hotel was a place called The Verb. Looking at the pictures online, it seemed like a super “hipster” rock n roll themed hotel. All different colored windows and record albums all over the place. We only wanted to stay the night, so it was very expensive and we crossed our fingers hoping it would be kick ass. When I mean close to Fenway, I mean REALLY FUCKING close! 

We drove up, checked in and The hotel “The Verb” and it was all decked out with memorabilia and hipster signs all over the place. It was definitely something we weren’t used to, but at the same time it was unique as hell. 

We went straight to the pool for a dip. Let me tell you something. I would have never imagined in a million years, that I would sit my ass in a pool, in the middle of a city and have the back of Fenway Park staring right at me. It was cool as shit. We got a balcony room which was perfect. 

It was time to head to the game and score the bobbles. The lines were packed to get in but they moved fast. Since this was a Billy Joel “themed” night, they had a cover band of Billy Joel playing right on Yawkee Way. The Bobble line wasn’t that long at all. I scored a full case of them and ran back to the hotel and had valet pull my ride up to pop them in the trunk. 

So, we hopped around to a few bars, scored a sausage and pepper and then headed to our seats. If you’ve ever been to Fenway, you have to get a sausage. Best around hands down.

These seats by far were the best I’ve had. 3 rows dead smack behind home plate. 

Some dude next to me let me borrow his bobble for a quick pic. 

For most of the game is was back and forth. Sale got hit around quite a bit and each team exchanged runs throughout the night. In between innings, the beers were flowing and the dogs were juicy and hot.

You all know how the game went, but when Austin Jackson made the over the wall catch every fan was in awe. Once the umpire made the “out” call after reviewing the replay, the entire stadium clapped. That’s the character the Red Sox fans have. They appreciate great plays even coming from the opposing team. 

And then the magic happened. Bottom of the 9th, with 2 outs. Christian Vasquez with an absolute fucking moonshot to dead center to win the game. I lost my voice I was screaming so loud. The entire place erupted. It was the most amazing game I’ve ever seen. Yes, I am praying if you can see me. 

After the game, I was so hammered, I had to check out the team store one last time before we went to the bar. Good thing I didn’t spend a lot of money on stupid shit I don’t need. I saw this dude buy a Pablo Sandoval bobble that was reduced in price to $5.00. What a sucker!

Yup, the ride home the next day was miserable. Hungover and tired as fuck. We got home and I crashed for 30 minutes before I jumped in the car to head to Brooklyn for Squints night. I’ll be the first to admit it, I HATE driving to Brooklyn. Fucking traffic and it took a little less than 2 hours to get there. Overall, miserable ride but I do like MCU park. You can see all the lights from the rides in Coney Island.



Obviously, the highlight of the night was the guest appearance of Squints. The stadium was literally empty because everyone was waiting in line to meet Squints and to score an autograph from him. 

There was a ton of collector’s there and I chatted it up for a bit with a few. It was good to mingle with a few of you Snipers. I went Instagram live and got some close ups of Squints. Real cool dude and he almost looks the same as when he was a little kid. He was rocking the tattoos and was an overall cool guy as he greeted all the fans. 

I’d say I was there less than 25 minutes as I got my bobbles and got the hell outta there. Another long drive home and a very long 2 days. 

A great 2 days overall as the hotel was sick, the game was amazing and Squints was dope as hell. I highly recommend going to Fenway if you’re ever near the East Coast and definitely check in at The Verb. 

On to the next bobble game this Saturday. Stay tuned.