Wanna see where your bobbleheads that you spend a lot of money on are made? I had the opportunity to have an “underground” inside sneak peek to where all the action takes place. We all know they are made in China, so here’s an exclusive inside look into the shops where bobbleheads are hand crafted from scratch. A current worker within the factory gave me full access to where it all goes down.

Here we have a production line of Yadier Molina bobbleheads that include the heads and bases.



Some Jacob deGrom bobbles that need their heads glued on. 

Looks like either Bryce Harper or Joey Votto heads are in the process of being painted. 

Your Brain Dawkins bobbleheads are finished and now they need some gentle care being packaged. 

Looks like an NFL Quarterback is being molded into perfection! 

Always have a clear work station. Who else has a nice green plant sitting on their desk?

Some “Prototype” bobbles on display at the factory.