We all know bobblehead games can get very feisty. I’ve been to games where there’s been a lot of pushing and shoving. A few years ago at Citi Field , some guy cut the line and 3 fans yelled out, “Hey Asshole, get the fuck outta here!” That has been the extent of any confrontation I’ve actually seen in a bobble line waiting to get through the gates. 

I know the Cubs bobblehead game last year was a shit show as fans were screaming at employee’s for their bobbleheads because the game got rained out. I’ve seen videos of what went down that day and it wasn’t pretty. 

I wrote this blog to find out if any of you Snipers experienced a fight and what happened. I’m very curious and I’ll be honest with you, I’d like to  personally see a fight. I’d love for a few knuckleheads to get bounced out of line. In the end, that’s just more bobbles for all of us. 

Send me an email if you’ve seen a brawl go down.