The purpose of this blog entry is for you to grasp and understand your “Bobblehead Behavior” in hopes it will help someone. Often times we as bobblehead collectors oversee what is coming in and what is going out in our collections. There’s so many outlets these days to add bobbles to our collections that we become flustered and ultimately disorganized. That being said, many of you have been following me for years, AND I MEAN YEARS. I’m am going ALL IN on this concept of getting you to realize your “bobble behavior” within collecting, as I truly feel this is critical.

I want you to think and evaluate your collection. Your spending habits. Your mascots vs players. SGA’S vs retail. How much room do you have to add new bobbles? Are you much more selective than you were 5 years ago? Are you spending WAAAAAAY too much on certain ones? Did you start out collecting and now are in the flip game? Have you always been in the flip game? Is the flip game even working in terms of how much you are spending versus how much you can sell for on Ebay after fees?

I really want you to take some time to think where you were 6 years ago versus today. Are you happy? Did you buy too much of something and can’t get rid of it? Are you continuing to buy, buy, buy, buy and are currently in the hole? (debt). IF YOU ARE IN ANY DOUBT OF THE ABOVE MENTIONED, CHANGING YOUR THEORY AND THINKING ABILITY WILL BENEFIT YOU. Really take a step back and look at your so called “Bobblehead Behavior”. Are you putting up waaaaaaay to much money up front waiting on pre-orders and not seeing a return on your investment? 

I’m sure MANY of you fall into at least one of these categories and I want to directly hear from you. Since taking a step back and putting things into perspective, I’ve zeroed in on many flaws and I’ve completely changed my “Bobblehead Behavior”. Email, DM, PM on Facebook and share what you are currently going through. Remember, changing your mind is a strength!