A New York police officer was shot in the head execution style, as she sat in her vehicle early Wednesday morning in the Bronx, NY. Officer Myosotis Familia 48, was sitting in her car with her partner as her shift was about to end, when 34 year old Alexander Bonds walked right up to the patrol car window and shot her in the head. 

I was planning on posting a “Motivational” blog to start the week after the long 4th of July weekend, but I felt this blog is warranted to bring awareness. This is disgusting. Enough is enough with this bullshit violence. What a way to bring down a fun weekend for all citizens by this senseless act. Just sitting in your car, ending your shift after protecting people and you get killed by some mother fucker? Words cannot describe this tragic event and this shit’s gotta stop. I’m at a loss for words. Just a very sad story but at the same time makes me very angry at this piece of shit. Like, how dark can your soul be to do this?

I guess the only positive thing about this, is when other officers responded, they gunned down the dick bag who did this. Gladly, he took his last breathe then a gunshot ended his pathetic life. Just an evil, evil act.