Listen, as much as a slam and hate Ebay for their fees and regulations, they are useful for one specific factor. Protection. I’m sure we’ve all purchased many bobbles through Ebay and 70% of the time the knucklehead seller doesn’t package the bobblehead to well and it arrives damaged. 

Fear no more. I’ve been buying on Ebay for just under 9 years. I’ve had many broken items arrive to me. Simply, take a picture of the damage and just about 99% of the time if the seller is a dick and puts up a fight with you, Ebay will jump in and refund within a few days. If you have visual evidence of the damaged bobblehead, then you’ll have the upper hand if you open up a resolution case. 

Ebay is great with this. I can’t even remember a time when a bobble arrived broken and I didn’t get a refund. Although Ebay sucks the profit out of most sellers, they protect us buyers when things go wrong. 

P.S. Always keep the box and packaging materials that the item was sent in because many occasions Ebay will ask for pictures to make sure you’re not pulling a fast one.