I get an insane amount of emails and DM’s from people asking me if I would sell them a bobblehead they like. I always reply with a friendly, “Yes”. I love all of my followers and customers but most of the people who ask, are middle school kids and high school kids. I get they want to start young and bobbleheads are right up their alley. So, they pick one out and ask how much. It just so happens it’s a beauty of a bobble and is valued at $100.00. Then they get all pissed. Then they ask about another one and it happens to be a 60-75 dollar bobble. Then they tell me it’s outrageous.

They have no conception of the value of bobbleheads and I don’t want them turned off from growing a collection. Then, they will proceed to ask me, do I have any I will sell for 2-5 dollars. I really hate this part of the business so I try and explain the value but they just don’t get it. 

Lastly, I sometimes tell them if I did have a bobble under $10.00, how would they pay for it? Then, they say can you just give it to me because they don’t have Paypal or their dad won’t give them his credit card. You kidding me bro? They are only 7-14 years old. 

So this is an area within this business that I do not like. I hate turning these youngsters down but maybe this blog will create awareness for the young collectors out there.