Have you ever wondered if a team that really stinks and are 25 games under .500, do bobblehead sales take a dip?

First things first. This blog is mainly for people who sell their bobbleheads either on Ebay, Facebook, Craigslist, Offer Up etc. I know a lot of you Snipers sell on many formats which includes myself. For example, I have a ton of Mets bobbleheads both retail and SGA’s. The Mets stink. They can’t even get out of their own way for shit’s sake. I looked through my past few month’s sales and I noticed a decline in selling Mets bobbles. Now, you can argue if a specific player is doing well, then why would his bobble not sell? But overall, if a team is doing so poorly, your bobblehead sales take a hit no matter what team it is. If you sell a wide range of bobbles that include a shit ton of teams, do yourself a favor and check out recent sales. I guarantee they have taken a hit. Fans stop going to games, fans get angry and ultimately, the majority of fans lose interest.

Here’s a helpful tip. For example, the Mets started the season 11-2. I looked at their home attendance the first month of the season almost every game. I looked at the past 2 months home attendance and it’s declined quite a bit. When a team sucks ass, fans would rather spend their money on other things besides dipping into their pockets to attend a game. It’s human nature and a very common behavior when a team is struggling. 

Now, mascots are a whole different story. Typically, mascots never get old and fans always love them. They rarely change and fans always relate to them. But still, if a team is doing poorly and fans stop attending games, the mascot gets put on the back burner, as very little interest will remain with them.  

If you’re a bobblehead seller, I’m not advising that you only score “winning” teams bobbles and you know why? Teams change over the course of any year and  a team can get really good fast. Take the Braves or the Mariners for example. All of a sudden this year, they are really, really good. 

I use an Excel spreadsheet and I advise all of you Snipers to do so. It’s easy, it’s comprehensive and it’s the best way to keep track of sales and profits. Do yourself a favor and browse through your recent transactions and see if there’s a dip in “losing” teams bobbles.