So we all know bobbleheads have evolved like crazy the past 8-10 years, but are custom bobbles the new thing? 

I see on Instagram and Facebook that collector’s are making custom bobbleheads and people love them. Many custom makers replicate players in different uniforms and they change their jerseys and hats. I can tell it’s a very involved process that takes a shit load of time. And they aren’t cheap either. A good custom bobble can run you between $60.00 to $100.00. 

It starts with a certain utensil to shave off the letters and numbers and ultimately removing all the paint. The actual design part is very tricky and the paint job must be precise from every angle. I myself, cannot do it because I don’t have the patience for it. I can fix a bobble like you wouldn’t believe, but I cannot for the life of me create a custom. Custom bobblehead work is a skill that CANNOT be taught. You either have it or you don’t. It takes an incredible amount of talent to create a “Custom” bobblehead. It truly is a skillful art. 

I personally, am not a custom type of collector. They are definitely cool, but I think they lack authenticity. I want to receive a bobble straight from the hand of a person at the gate from the ballpark. I only have a few in my collection and they are very unique. I tend to want to own a bobblehead that everyone has access to or is hard to get. But, if you’re looking for a special player in a different uniform or character from a movie, then by all means hire one of the custom makers. 

Here are a few custom bobble makers out there as they do excellent work.  Marlon’s custom bobbleheads, Roman out in Cali and Ricardo (10thplayer). There’s a good 10-20 of them out there but that’s up to you to find them on Facebook or other social media outlets. 

Take a look at their great work.