My first SGA manufacturer “Bobble of the Year” went to Success as they nailed the “Squints” Brooklyn Cyclones SGA bobble. It was perfect. Between the detail, lettering, and superb facial recognition, the Squints bobble was a no brainer. As we ease into the 2018 season of SGA’s, can Success Promotions repeat? 

The biggest question we as collector’s have, is we don’t necessarily know who the manufacturer is until we look at the bottom of the base. Since I have pinpoint fucking vision, I can usually tell by a picture on a teams website. Another slight problem we face, is there is so many SGA’s this year, it’s nearly impossible to keep track of all of them. There is a shit ton of “Theme Night” giveaways for both MLB and Minor League. Between Game of Thrones, The Sandlot, Christmas Vacation, Major League (the movie) and Star Wars to name a few, it’s extremely difficult to keep up. 

Early indications show that the May 4th Aaron Judge is in the running for the “Bobble of the Year”, and there’s more than a handful of one’s that pictures are not provided just yet. It’s going to be a long and exciting season and given the precision detail Success Promotions puts into their products, I don’t see why they can’t win the title again. We all know there are at least 4-5 top manufacturing companies that create bobbles for us collector’s and at any given moment, someone could knock a SGA out of the park. 

Stay tuned as the reviews will start pouring in and we will revisit this topic OFTEN throughout the season!